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Be an agent of change.

Bids Made Easy offers numerous advantages to insurance agents. For starters, your customers will now have a single, secure place to submit a bid request, access top-notch contractors, and easily choose from competitive quotes. You can track the progress of your customers, and oversee every step of the process.

And then there are the direct benefits to you and your business.  Join us as we change the way to obtain bids for insurance related repairs. Together, we’ll make the process smoother and simpler for all of us—agents, homeowners, contractors and adjusters.

The days of administrative and paperwork nightmares are over.  Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Our platform helps with all Renovation Loan Products

Eliminate Fraud

Fraud sucks up to $40 billion a year out of the insurance industry alone. With Bids Made Easy’s transparent online platform and trustworthy, top-quality contractors, fraud is in for a rude awakening. Our pre-qualification process assures that your customers get the best, most trusted contractors in the area. We help tackle problems, such as:

  • False or exaggerated claims by policyholders
  • Deliberate damages caused by contractors
  • Bogus claims filed by individuals residing outside of a disaster area
  • Bid-rigging by contractors, falsely inflating the cost of repairs
  • Contractors requiring upfront payment, then failing to perform the agreed upon repairs

Lower Loss Ratio

Nothing’s worse than seeing hard earned money slip through the cracks. On average, insurance agencies lose up to 14% of annual income to fraudulent claims. A high loss ratio can result in a loss of bonuses, lower morale, and more. We’re out to change that.

The Traditional Approach

  • Handling process slow and convoluted
  • Auditing process drains agency resources
  • Customer forced to search for contractors
  • Dishonest contracts slip through
  • cracks and increase your loss ratio

Bids Made Easy

  • Customer takes a few minutes to fill out online bid request form
  • Customer selects up to 3 certified professionals from our network
  • Customer chooses trusted contractor to complete work
  • You eliminate guesswork and legwork while working together with your customer
  • Lower losses, lower stress levels, more productivity. An easy choice.

Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are loyal customers. Loyal customers are longtime customers. Longtime customers are more likely to refer you to new customers. Hello, new customers.

Say your customer’s home is damaged and needs repair.

  1. You and your customer sign up with Bids Made Easy.
  2. Your customer gets high-quality repair, and you do less legwork.
  3. Your customer stays with you for life, and nicknames you ‘Clutch.’
  4. Your customer refers you and invites you into the “circle of trust.”

Grow Your Business

With Bids Made Easy, things are looking up for insurance agents. Decreased process time means more time to grow your customer base, increase sales and enhance productivity. By providing your customers access to the most trusted contractors in the area, we help you eliminate fraud and lower your loss ratio.

Your customers get top-quality repair work, and you get to see what your desk looks like without a mountain of paperwork on it.

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