Draw Department

Draw Department Software

Renovation Lending Software offers numerous advantages to you and your team. For starters, you will now have a single, secure place to request documents needed for a draw, manage draws/change orders, balance your summary page, send figures to accounting, and much more. The draw process has never been as streamlined. The days of administrative and paperwork nightmares are over. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Our platform helps with all Renovation Loan Products

Draws and Change Orders

Managing draws and change orders has never been so easy.  Our system will prevent you from over drawing on any line item and automatically update the summary page so you know how much is left in each account at all times. 

30-Day Compliance

Ever missed a 30-day compliance inspection. So, has everyone else. With our system, we can set reminders so you won’t have to worry about missing another compliance inspection. While we are at it let’s just have the system sent out reminders to the consultant for us. Piece of cake…


Communication is key to a smooth renovation loan.  That’s why we built in communication tools so all your communication is saved on our site.  We can even set up automatic email updates so everyone is in the loop when they need to be.

Customer Satisfaction

As you know customer service doesn’t end at the closing table.  In some ways, it’s just beginning.  That’s where you come in.  The smoother the draw process the happier the borrower and contractor will be.  And the more referrals your bank will get.

Draw Specialist

Say you are your bank’s Draw Specialist

  1. You are assigned a new file in Renovation Lending Software
  2. You provide the best Draw service anyone has ever experienced.
  3. The Borrower is happy, and nicknames you ‘Clutch.’
  4. The borrower refers your bank and the LO’s invite you into the ‘circle of trust’

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