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You’re in the business of providing great service to your borrowers so they have the best experience possible.  The better equipped you are to provide wonderful service, the happier your customer will be, and the more referrals you’ll receive.  So why do business as usual when you can take advantage of all Renovation Lending Software has to offer. Your borrowers and referral partners will thank you.

With Renovation Lending Software, you, your borrower, the HUD consultant, and the contractor will have access to our tools and be updated throughout the process, which means more transparency and less confusion.  The smoother information flow also leads to better communication and ultimately, a happier borrower (and that’s really the point).  By streamlining, and standardizing, the process everyone wins… Especially you.

Our platform helps with all Renovation Loan Products

Customer Satisfaction

Loan Officers prefer Renovation Lending Software because we provide the tools to help streamline the renovation loan process.  By eliminating some of the legwork and confusion we ensure everyone is in the loop, which makes your job easier, and your customer happier.


With our unique platform, you can track all documents that have been requested by you, or your team, down to the minute.  You’ll also be able to see what doc’s are still needed vs what you have gotten back.  And if you are still waiting on a document… The system will remind your borrower for you until they get it back to you.  No more wasting time sending email reminders.


In Renovation Lending, miscommunication can cause frustration, substandard work, even a loss of business.  Good communication has the opposite effect.

With Renovation Lending Software, communication flows more smoothly because everyone’s operating on a single, simple platform.  Information is easily shared.  Important documents aren’t lost.  It’s all secure, and accessible 24 hours a day.


Ever wished your borrower’s contractors would use a standardized bid form so you don’t have to waste a week having them work up a bid correctly.  Wish no more… Our system will give you the ability to have contractors fill out a bid directly into your system so it’s standardized and always broken out by labor and materials and just the way HUD likes it.  Plus these numbers will transfer right into your loan file to eliminate data entry by you or your draw dept.

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