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Relax… We’ve got this.

Bids Made Easy partners with  property managers to help you eliminate the legwork (and guesswork) by providing you instant access to prequalified, trusted contractors. And it’s all done right here, on our website.

There’s a word for it… easy.

Just sign up, fill out an online bid request, and send it to the contractors you want to work with. Then sit back and wait for the bids to come in. This service is completely free to property managers – less hassle and more hustle.

Our platform helps with all Renovation Loan Products


Nothing is worse than needing to gather tons of quotes for your property, and having a two foot stack of files behind your desk. The process is stressful, time consuming, and it pulls you away from your other work. Bids Made Easy is here to help.

The Traditional Approach

  • Call a bunch of contractors and play phone tag to set up an appointments
  • Constantly follow up until you get the quotes needed
  • Shuffle through stacks of paperwork and files to try and stay organized
  • Reshuffle through files or look through emails to compare all quotes
  • Send info to upper managment to get approval
  • Finally start work

Bids Made Easy

  • Take a few minutes to fill out online bid request form
  • Select up to 3 certified professionals from our network
  • Get automatic updates as quotes come in from contractors
  • Login to see all your quotes neatly organized for you
  • Link in upper management so they can see quotes as well
  • Choose the contractor that is right for you
  • Lower stress levels, more productivity. An easy choice.

Time Saved

You know what’s better than chasing down contractors, performing background checks and submitting multiple bid requests? Anything. So let us handle the hard stuff—you’ve got better things to do.

Our streamlined process takes a fraction of the time, and a fraction of the effort, while delivering better results. We pre-approve and do the background checks on all of our contractors, so you can make an educated decision.

But outstanding service doesn’t stop there. We continue to audit our contractors after we bring them into our network. Our five-star rating system assures homeowners that Bids Made Easy contractors provide the best overall property repair experience.


The budgeting processes can be frustrating and can pull you away from your other work. When communication doesn’t flow smoothly between the contractor, property manager, upper management things nobody wins.

With Bids Made Easy, communication flows more smoothly because everyone’s operating on a single, simple platform. Information is easily shared. Important documents aren’t lost. It’s all secure, and accessible 24 hours a day.

We even store contact information for all parties on our site, for those times when only a phone call will do.


With our web-based platform, you can request bids whenever you want, from wherever you’re at. Plus, all of the information is documented and securely stored on our site.

No more shuffling through paperwork or sifting through bids from multiple contractors.

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